Wallets for Desktop / Server v0.9.21.1


  • Win 32-bit
  • zettelkasten-win32.zip


  • Linux 64-bit
  • zettelkasten-linux64.zip


  • Mac 64-bit
  • zettelkasten-mac64.zip
Wallets for single-board computers


  • ARMv7 32-bit
  • zettelkasten-armv732.zip
You are encouraged to compile the wallet by yourself. Learn how to do it here
Bootstrap of Blockchain #1548397
  • bootstrap.zip
  • contains folders /blocks and /chainstate
  • (default version)
  • bootstrap_txindex.zip
  • contains folders /blocks and /chainstate
  • (only download this version if you use txindex=1 for full transaction index)
Use the bootstrap archive if you have trouble synchronizing with the network. Learn how to do it here